Ascending Hall Mission -- formally expressed:

To actualize and crystallize the sacred wisdom of all nations and cultures; it is with this intention that Ascending Hall collectively digests, integrates, and disseminates the crystallized conscious awareness gleaned from experience and thereby brings alive the sacred teachings within our individual and collective body/mind.

Humanity has evolved into a mostly civilized, global village. All the collective wisdom from nations and cultures past and present must now be brought to bear as part of the primal essence, in order for all humanity to coexist and continue to evolve at a much higher frequency. All the information we have gathered from above, all the experiences we have amassed since our first sentience from the beginning of time, all these things are globally being readied so they can be implemented to their fullest expression. The time has arrived for the entirety of humanity to collectively share in this new paradigm, thus honoring each other and our creator.

Geographic isolations and communication barriers are being largely dissolved in the present time. There is urgency in the realization that we must all function together as one family, that we must share from the same heart, and honor from our universal common ground. When all this collective information within the crystallized energy bodies (individuals) finally unites in realization, this deeply connected, highly aware group will evolve much more rapidly than has been possible on an individual basis. This quickening will allow implementation of all our respective wisdom gifts simultaneously. It is these groups and these organizations that will best lead the seeker to fulfillment. The thirsty will find drink, and any soul who prior only heard lonely echoes will now hear a response. Divine Spirits will find their natural positions and shine. It is thus by bringing the gifts from above and the experiences we have collectively inherited, that both wheels (vertical and horizontal) will be utilized from their central axis and thus most effectively mobilize us. To honor above is to honor the Divine Presence; to share the path is to share the collective will. Thus we sing the common music that has been playing and will continue to play. This is what it means to live in the flow of the Tao.

It is through our collective vessels (organizations serving as a tool) that each individual who is willing to advance will be granted double and triple opportunity; opportunity that any one individual could never have found or connected to on their previous lonely paths. Only collectively will awareness be heightened, sensitivity be secured, and abilities fully realized and demonstrated.

Within this all-inclusive wheel there will be such diversity that each culture shall find room to be honored. Every race will be able to use its ancestral inheritance to find discrimination-free self expression. We are all the same even though we are walking on different paths. In spite of taking these different detours, we are all heading towards the same goal. All of us are endeavoring to fulfill the same essential dreams, and enter into the same many-roomed mansion – that original space where we sprouted from and that original ground where we once stood high and tall and will once again!

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