Commonly Asked Questions

What is Inner Alchemy?

To state briefly, Inner Alchemy is Inner Science. In this science, all observation, testing, and many forms of validations and controls go straight into the body, the temple of spirit. This science or natural Law, God's word and humanity's convictions (such as: reasons, beliefs, and paradises), are stored and processed in the oldest laboratory, our human bodies. Thus matter's appearance, whether mechanical or organic, visible or invisible (including their interactions), are digested and manifested through a boiling and simmering process inside the body, as in a cauldron, through the dual agents of the body as water, and the mind as fire. Now the body becomes Holy Love, and the mind Holy Fire - the twin mirrors that reflect inner spirit, the dust of God. In the end, the Body returns to water and mineral dust, and the Mind returns to the calling of souls and traveling spirits, eventually returning to its cosmic home.

What is the nature of duality then?

Duality is when Universal Law functions in its natural creative process where Time and Space can numerically be represented by the numbers one, two, and four.
  • The number one represents a state of non-manifestation but where the power of potentiality is fully present. In this state, stillness, silence, and readiness, slumber in a balance of peace, harmony, and tranquility. This is an inseparable state, the flush of the Tao and Womb of all creative power.

  • Two is where this state begins its opposite but equal interactions: push/pull, lead/follow, move/return, sound/echo, height/depth, ease/complexity.

  • The entire Universe fits inside and revolves around this process, where a neutral state of invisibility and a neutral zone of sacred space interplay. From this dual and dynamic creative process, three universes form. The upper world becomes the Sun, the middle world our Moon, and the lower world our Earth. On one side of this trinity are the Holy Father, Holy Son, and Holy Spirit; on the other side are the Holy Mother, Holy Love, and Holy Ghost. This creative order is a descending process that starts with the Sun (represented in the body by the frontal brain), progressing to the Moon (chest) and Earth (abdomen). The creative results are either boy/girl, urination/defecation. In the matter of the ascending process, it begins with the Earth (cracking shells of skull), rising to the Moon (valley of resting bones), and peaking in Sun (White Horse of passion).

  • Four then becomes the foundation - a genetic map with wheels for motion. In the Universe, this four stands for the dual action of invisible time and space. In the visible world, this dual power is represented in birth/death, death/rebirth, completion/transience, transience/eternity, from difference to sameness, and sameness to difference.

Where does this practice come from?

After the Great Flood during Noah's time, the Asiatic Continent had the highest mountain range on Earth, the Kun Lun Mountains, now northwest of the Himalayan Mountains. This was the birthplace of the Yellow Race. Early in their evolution, the Yellow Race perceived that there was a power grid circulating between their caves, 36 major lines among many others, originating inside the Earth. They also sensed a Golden Dome hovering over the mountain range. Shambhalla is the Tibetan word for this power grid. As the ancient sage or chosen son observed this power, his first brain (gut) was activated, and in turn, he experienced the power of sacred geometry circulating inside his body and witnessed the same power hovering in the sky above the mountain. In this state, the sage had no need to scribe or record this power externally; instead, he stored and utilized it inside his body.

This process thus became the lineage or tradition of Inner Alchemy. In the West, this personal or inner enlightening experience has been modeled through the construction and utilization of the Pyramid. The essence between the practice of the Pyramid and Inner Alchemy is the same but manifested slightly differently due to the isolation of the societies. Inner Alchemy first occurs inside the gut, circulating through meridians that operate glands and marrow, and is released through the crown chakra. The beginning of enlightenment was spirit pushing out through the top of the skull, cracking the cranium open metaphorically. The Gut or Yellow Court becomes the place for crucifixion and ascension. In the West, the Pyramid became the graveyard where the spirit rests inside the tomb constructed by the second brain, the head - the place where the golden dome circulates as the power of sacred geometry. Thus the difference between sunrise and sunset, or Yellow Race and Black Race, is clear. Where the Yellow Race achieved enlightenment through a process of self-dying, the Black Race obtained ascension through the ritual practice of the Pyramid, the graveyard for flesh and chariot for flight.

Where can I learn this practice?

Without initiation, the sacred formula of Inner Alchemy cannot be obtained through a mere opening of the heart. It is only after the mid-life crisis where manmade and earthly matters no longer attract the spirit's eye that the Soul cries out. The Sacred Heart is ready to make a vow and obtain the formula for some kind of inner, self-cultivation. The reason behind initiation might be explained this way: when we are born we are given a family name, and in society, we sometimes obtain various professional titles to add to our name. Though different, these two names are merely part of a natural homecoming process, or return to spirit. As such, we need a new passport, a new name, so we can talk to the light and sky and obtain a universal Bible to see above and release what will sink to below. Give flesh to Earth and love to humanity, and in turn, accept the passing of your seasons.

Why do you consider Inner Alchemy science?

Everything is science, from observation to practice, from idea to theory, and from imagination to reality. The only difference between modern science and Taoist Inner Science is that the modern sciences work through only the five senses, regardless of how and where the initial ideas originated. As our five senses become more honed, earthly reality will blend with the cosmic truths. These two sciences will eventually merge. Think of a pyramid. Two adepts standing at the base seem far apart, but if they climb, the higher they go, the closer together they become, until at last, if they've been diligent climbers, they stand together at the pinnacle. The key to this ascension is dialogue between visible reality and invisible reality, the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, combined with sincere effort. If everything was only matter, that would be dry science. But if everything is also spirit, that is Inner Science. Both are very methodical, but in dry science, the tools are man-made, while in Inner Science, the tools are inner glands and energetic matrixes. So how have we spent our Passion and Love, and how have we consumed our life-gasoline? Ask yourself about your goals: is it to be with the Universal Presence/God's Presence, or to imitate nature's laws in order to manipulate the natural order of life? The latter results in a meaningless death as a slave to the machine.

What are the requirements for Inner Alchemy?

Only two things are required: Love (body) and talent (mind). Possessing these, climax and bliss complete the bridge, the marriage contract, or destiny that lead to complete freedom and Union with Spirit. That is all we bring into life, and so it is everything we need to return home.

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