How to Work Through Meridian-Wrapped Body: Valley Gate Workshop
1~ an intimate 2 day, practical application
workshop for those interested in
the expediency of body-mind purification in a hands-on setting ~

Valley Gate Workshop participants say:

"A true discovery and identification of deep-seeded elements, ones that have thrived in opposition for many years, fostering un-necessary pain. Upon receiving Tao's 'body-work' and the cohesiveness of the group, these elements have now been set free from the confinements of this dense physical body." - C. F., licensed Massage Therapist

"through the use of tools such as profound and intense physical and spiritual work, what is bound is unbound,
to facilitate wholeness." -

"I found a place so deep within me that I had not be able to tap into before. And when it was happening,
I was unaware of it -- happening." -
T. V., Tai Chi practitioner

"Fire limbs, Fire belly, Fire right-side giving. Feeling Alive in body. After much intrusion --
taking away of mind, flesh, self. Breast cancer revealed, unraveled." -
C. C., Qi Gong practitioner

"Transforming, vulnerable, enlightening, releasing, love, connection, intimacy,
kin, trust, difficulty, emotion -- cry, laugh, touch..." -

If you've ever seen Tao at an Expo or had a personal session with him, you were probably amazed as he tuned-up physical bodies in such a way, they could immediately experience the energetic life-dance of yin - yang. Or perhaps you are yoga-trained, qi gong-trained, a massage therapist, or licensed physical therapist, who heard a befuddling story from a client who, after experiencing some expedient catharsis during a session with Tao, demonstrated immediate flexibility and a range of motion you didn't think was necessarily ever possible.

As a Taoist Master, Tao is also a master of medicine -- demonstrating, in healing sessions, the learned and intuitive knowledge of the body-mind* knots, weights, and frozen armament which hold the originally flexible inner soul imprisoned in a tightly bound all-too-familiar sickened human condition. A condition whose roots extend far beyond the physical body. Such a bound-up soul is unable to sound a genuine spiritual note, much less engage in the spacious natural dance of Love between itself and spirit as living yin and yang.

You are probably aware that frozen and bound-up souls cannot untie the knots, unwind the kinks, thaw out or melt the ice that walls them off from spirit without aid -- both human and spiritual, visible and invisible. In cultural climates geared to feed instant gratification, intuitive and spiritually mature practitioners are oftentimes bound-up, sickened, or frozen themselves; and are therefore unable to connect the client to the spiritual side of healing so desperately needed to dissolve the knotted roots of scars and miseries that hold the soul in that sickened condition we call "human suffering".

A primary purpose of the book Spiritual Anatomy is to help practitioners discover and refine their spiritual gifts and talents in such a way as to provide expedient service to their clients as living souls who internally long to dance with their inner spiritual self -- living spirit in their very own heart. Yet, reading a book -- especially a mystical one -- is not nearly enough to transmit the knowledge or confidence that is needed for a practitioner to surrender in trust to their own divine spirit sufficiently to attract or invoke the needed spiritual Grace that can heal wounds and relieve human suffering with immediacy. In these pressing and sometimes horrifying global times, the urgent need for the expedient incisiveness of spiritual Grace to aid ailing humanity is well apparent.

How to Work Through Meridian Wrapped Body is a tiered series of five (5) workshops designed to experientially take a practitioner through the necessary stages of expedient catharsis -- addressing one pair of qi (chi or life) mind-body gates in each program, following the outline of Chapters 4 thru 9 of the book: Spiritual Anatomy. Everyone begins this journey with the Valley Gate Workshop -- the very same way a mountain spring awakens, begins to flow, then stream, then river, then ocean as descriptors of an emerging, unimpeded circulatory network.

The culmination of each workshop and the overall program is to experience living life-dance of soul and spirit in order for the well-being of that energetic interplay to become the focal point of all our healing endeavours, thereafter. We approach this mindfully through five (5) sequential hands-on programs -- combining practical work with meditation practice. Technique and borrowed head-knowledge must eventually marry and then sacrifice itself, in surrender to Love's intuitive wisdom. When Grace is invited and welcomed as the natural partner to its' instrumental human hands, miracles can and do happen.

If you've read the online excerpts from Spiritual Anatomy or purchased the book, you have already tasted the flavor of the first workshop in the series: the Valley Gate, discussed in Chapter 4. (Online excerpt: Your Dig into the Valley Gate). Additional online resources include: Taoist Inner Alchemy Glossary, Mountain SKYLIGHT Journal -- Back-Issues 1 thru 12.

All that is left is to participate in person -- putting your gifts and talents in a common pool with other practitioners to draw forth the healing power of Love and Grace that wells forth from essential spiritual being.

Master Huang's invitation is simple:

"Bring your gifts and call, your experience and thirst,
your innocence and power --
so we can share the collecting growth on self
and thereby help others."