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The first 3-year cycle of Mountain SKYLIGHT begins with the 24th hexagram as a representation of the Return to the peak of true self, gifted love.
Working sequentially through each of the eight I Ching houses, the series ends with the 2nd hexagram -- the Receptive, Mother of Return.

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1st Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 2
2003 Fall:
Return / Fu
Hexagram 24

Table of Contents

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations


Selection from article: Fu Return
The 24th hexagram, Fu / Return, originates from the 2nd hexagram, Kun / Earth. It marks the seven-day cycle, the return of the solar power (the Winter Solstice), the birth of a new child, and the fortunate seventh. At its base is a single solid line. This solid line descends from the top of the Earth hexagram, through the space between each of the top five broken lines until its action is received by the bottom line -- which then becomes solid. By passing through the upper five lines, the solid line carries within the matter of these broken lines. Thus the solid line both acts and receives.

The Chinese character of Fu (shown above) represents a mother, pregnant with child. After the conception, her stomach is full and she begins to nurture two mouths. This can be seen in the right side of the character. On the left side, the mother is strolling together with her baby. Her movement is balanced between her feet and her brain. Her mouth is balanced with her uterine mouth which carries the baby. Both are returned; she to her mothering journey and the baby to life.

2nd Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 3
Winter 2003: Approach / Lin
Hexagram 19




Table of Contents

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

  • The Modes of 'I' - Part 1
  • The Four Wheels
    (The Codes of 'I' - Part 1)

  • The 16 Joyous Lakes
  • The Threads of 'I' - Chart 1

Excerpt from article: Natal Approach December 1 - 6

Each hexagram of the I Ching contains 6 power lines representing both conception through six months of fetal development and the possibilities for completion from birth through 60 years of life. The power of 6 is the power of six senses fenced by the power of cosmic space, which is the skin of God's image, the threads of texture, and the chimney of central channel. In turn, the 6 lines are divided into 2 interactive trigrams where the lower trigram represents the
fetal completion delivered by the ancestral wish and demand; and the upper trigram structures the inter-personal/social relationships between self and all.

In other words, the lower trigram is what we have and what we bring into our life. The upper trigram is what we should approach and must face. Together the 6 lines summarize the three pairs of relationships: paternal grandparents on one side, maternal grandparents on the other side, and parents in the middle. The first two pairs control the 1st and 4th lines and the 2nd and 5th lines respectively while parents are positioned between the 3rd and 6th lines. The first line determines which side of ancestry invites our floating spirit to be grounded to this life. If this line is solid, the paternal grandfather holds the bottom line of creation. If the line is broken, the maternal grandmother receives the line of creation.

For example, in the Approach hexagram, which is the natal hexagram for those born between December 1st and 6th, the bottom line is solid, so the position is the paternal grandfather. Then the 4th line becomes the line of the paternal grandmother. The 2nd line (also being solid) goes to the maternal grandfather as the 5th line --regardless of being solid or broken at this point -- becomes the line of the maternal grandmother. The 3rd line (being broken) becomes the line of the mother and the 6th line is left for father. This is how we structure the hereditary information. Seeing this, we know how our spirit has been invited, grounded and fashioned with flesh and souls.

Also, the lower trigram is about our body: the 1st line being the spiritual body in the lower section of our physical structure; the 2nd line is about the emotional body in the midsection of our physical structure; and the 3rd line is about the physical body in the upper section of our physical structure. As for the upper trigram, the 4th line is about immediate physical interaction with others, sexually or personal physical adaptation. The 5th line rises up into emotional interaction between the 5th line itself and the second line, which deals with emotional qualities or equalities between self and others.The 6th line is about the last push, the cosmic veil circulated annually and cyclically.

3rd Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 4
Spring 2004:
Peaceful Know-How / Tai
Hexagram 11


Table of Contents
  • Hell-ow,Wind-ow
  • Mecca
  • Peaceful Know-how
  • A Return To Peace
  • The Meridians of Peace
  • Simple Peace
  • Angelic Peace
  • Natal Tai
  • The Numerical Functioning of 'I'
  • Scarecrow
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Journey To Peace
  • Showering Tai
  • Group Peace
  • A Field of Peace

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from article: Natal Tai

In its annual cycle around the Sun, the western portion of Earth (from January 1 -6) falls under an energetic influence that is expressed in the 11th Hexagram of the I Ching .This is the energy of Peaceful Know-How: Earth above, Heaven below. This is often considered the "dead” of winter; but in fact, is the time of the first stage of revival and could more aptly be termed the "life" of winter.

The solstice has passed, the days are again lengthening, and under the earth's frozen crust the stage is being set for rebirth and regeneration. Heaven, the Creative, the firm, the conscious, the ascending, is without manifest until the full coition with Earth -- the receptive, the yielding, the intuitive, the descending -- is established. Without coition, Heaven is without ignition and peace; Earth is without fruition and joy.

So Heaven and Earth love to dance, to entrance, to make romance. When they do there is no right nor wrong, no better nor worse, no superior nor inferior; there is union and possibility. The greater the harmony of union, the sweeter grace in the dance, the deeper connection in the romance, then grander are the possibilities.

4th Printed Issue
Volume 1, Issue 5
Summer 2004: Tempered Strength - Da Zhuang
Hexagram 34




Table of Contents

  • The Roar of the Jaguar
  • The Feet of My Father
  • Tempered Strength
  • One Flesh
  • Sundial
  • Linguistic Image
  • Dear I Ching
  • Natal Da Zhuang
  • Numerical Da Zhuang
  • Thunder
  • Moon Mama

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from article: Natal Da Zhuang

The first week of February is the time associated with the 34th hexagram of the I Ching: Da Zhuang or Tempered Strength with Thunder above and Heaven below. Energetically, it falls precisely in between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, so it is the time of an energetic pendulum shift moving into springtime and the anticipation of new experiences,new beginnings. It is the still point just prior to taking those new steps forward. The winter has provided time to contemplate, and now we are ready to shift into a new direction with the opportunity to start anew and create our own reality from what we have internalized.

Heaven, as the Creative, is light giving and indicates strength and the development of a higher influence and illumination.Thunder, as the arousal, is movement and associated with great force and power. The two energies come together at this critical turning point to create either an evolved and greater outcome or a natural disaster. Heaven provides a vast and endless space for Thunder to shake and roll. Thunder has the nature of being quick and having great force. Left unchecked, this could lead to a potentially destructive outcome. Thunder must be tempered in order to utilize the power constructively,allowing the creative power of Heaven to manifest something positive and harmonic in nature. In the proper balance and with impeccable timing, this is the true creation and manifestation of the great and wondrous.

5th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 6
Fall 2004:
Skylake / Guai
Hexagram 43

Table of Contents

  • Blueprint
  • The Writing on the Wall
  • Skylake Natal
  • Guai
  • Heavenly Guard
  • Vowel Activation Exercise
  • The Blueprint for Life
  • Moondial
  • Change is Virtuous
  • Grandmother
  • Alphabetic Houses of Human Anatomy
  • Early or Late
  • A, E, I, O, U, and Sometimes Y

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

  • The Ropes of 'I'
  • Change is Virtuous
  • Alphabetic Houses of Human Anatomy
  • A, E, I, O, U, and Sometimes Y

Excerpt from article: Guai

In hexagram 43, Guai, the creative power of heavenly wheels is ready to mark its territory after previously being tested four times in Return, Approach, Peaceful Know-how, and Tempered Strength. Beginning from the skin of the Universe (or the top line of the Earth hexagram) the space of the Universe has worked through its webs and spins and refines to materialize all that it can at this point. Meteoric balls, solar flares, and comets are floating through gases in and out of galaxies as supernova are visible as the cooling rains.The seed from the center of the Universe shines as illumination, or cosmic showering rains in and through space and its spheres. Silent but quickening, creative yet unbeknown, destructive yet peaceful, God has worked His way in each and all.

Before God ’s foot marks the invisible territory and His power reaches its peak, it encounters the double yin powers, dark night and heavy rain. Rain is the body of water, the fluid of gas, and the stomach of our existing Earth. Night brings forth the black shadow, activates the unconscious thought state, and demonstrates its power through the Moon. The formation of water power pushes up the heat (or ignition) within to lubricate the engine of the cosmic mechanism as the internal fruit and milk express its out-pouring.

Thus, the empty sky as the outward manifestation of universal creation, mirrors God ’s empty state within -- whether that be a black hole, the palm of God'ss hand visible to us through the solar face or that of a white hole -- His fingering display that we breathe as white mist or process as white seed.

Continuing from the previous two hexagrams, the 11th of Peaceful Know-how and the 34th of Tempered Strength, the roots of all living creatures are being tested. Whether it be the roots of plants or the feet of animated vessels, sprouts must come through and gifts must be visible. Whether they carry the power of materialization or cycle the power of degeneration, they will be recorded back and forth,and examined in and out on both ends. If the roots do not serve their purpose, there will not be any upward expression of lava or springs as birth and growth. The seeds must die and be shelled so that new life can grow. Equally, if the roots cannot extend into leaves and branches, blossom and flower,there won't be any fruit or new seeds. This is the case where the universal root becomes the vertical lightning rods -- both sundial and moondial -- to discern its laws of nature, exercise its rules of giving and taking, and measure its orders of change and completion.

6th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 7
Winter 2004:
Fruition / Bo
Hexagram 23



Table of Contents

  • Golden Pearl
  • Fruition
  • The Ascending Hall Bagua
  • The Tao of Moses
  • The Hands of My Mother
  • Fruition Natal
  • Sundial
  • Linguistic Bo
  • Rules
  • Surrendering to Love
  • I Am the Vine
  • Surrendering Into Autumn Gold
  • To Know Beyond a Doubt
  • The Cores of Heart Truth

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from article: Fruition
One may seek long and hard for answers about the Cosmos, how it functions, what Laws rule its inhabitants –yet the lifetime-after-lifetime spiritual search for answers ever leads one to the troubling Truth that will confront, challenge, and eventually crush the Seeker as all desires, even the desire for knowledge will be wrung from soul. The dark night of emptiness will eventually be visited upon all parts of soul. As we stand today at a collective portal of spiritual initiation -or awakening (to the Tao) - for the collective soul of all humanity, a dark night approaches which will extinguish the false glamour-glowing lights of egoistic i-dentity.

In preparing for this oncoming dark night, one must “know thy self ”in order to surrender or give up self identifications rather than be crushed like a bug under its ponderous dense weight and pain as it undergoes the forthcoming purification process that leaves not even the smallest atomic particle unscathed.Yet, as we look about earthly humanity, there are so few who have intimate Truth-Lit self knowing, due in part to the popular and pervasive spiritual New Age movement that encourages and fuels egoistic self cultivation
rather than cultivating the impersonal and impartial Divine Seed Spark beyond soul, beyond personal
i-dentities. Without Truth-Lit Sacred Teachings, humanity continues to live in ignorance -- at the mercy of false doctrines and dogmas that ever encourage a committed focus upon 'I-centered' self-development which merely increases the power of the egoistic nature as energy naturally follows thought and increases what is thought upon.
Very few mystery schools reveal the unholy nature of soul that must be purified before it can be liberated from Maya's illusionary realms. Yet, if one considers the tenets of Inner Alchemy –whether as taught by Taoists, Christian Gnostics, or Sufi Mystics –one will discover the common thread that internal Yin and Yang must come into a harmonious inner union, in both men and women, before the true and only real identity of the collective Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine can come forth.
7th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 8
Spring 2005:
Temple / Guan
Hexagram 20

Table of Contents
  • Naked
  • The Temple (in)of America
  • After Fruition
  • Moondial
  • The Harmonic Vibration of Heaven's Song
  • Six Realms of Destiny Guan
  • Yellow Stone Temple
  • Tao Te Ching Chapter One
  • Vigil of the Heart: The One Inch Flame
  • Virginity Evergreen
Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from article: Temple Natal August 1 - 6
Working together,the trigram of Wind (yin Wood) over that of Earth (yin Earth) invisibly touches the visible; it is as conscious thought, so penetratingly powerful that it influences, rectifies,and resolves all matter. Those born under the influence of the time of Temple hexagram are themselves seen as temples of strength and awesome influence. This six line configuration calls to mind the image of a doubly capped mountain, a temple itself, depicting the soul who is unified in heart and mind.

Moving as conscious living spirit, the power of wind is subtle and sure ...silently speaking a message which cannot help but be resoundingly heard. Just as surely, the power of Earth, in her openly humble receptivity, devotedly carries, bears,and upholds /uplifts all things. Individuals such as these have the conscious awareness to unerringly align themselves with a seasonal or higher universal order, and in so doing they are truly self-guided, ruling themselves as the enlightened king and sage united.

Introspective by nature,those born under the influence of Temple possess the facile ability to clearly discern right from wrong, the inferior from the superior, and do not hesitate to humbly self-correct as necessary. Their capacity for such great depth of perception enables them to truly know self and other. The center of
concentration and focus for these natives is on the developmental and painstaking efforts they must devotedly put forth in order to attain self-mastery.

8th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 9
Summer 2005:
Seasonal Lock-out / Pi
Hexagram 12

Table of Contents

  • The Keys of St.Peter
  • Peaceful Know-How, Seasonal Lock-Out
  • Seasonal Lock-Out Natal
  • Six Realms of Destiny
  • Standing Feet, Towering Cave
  • The Quotients
  • The Sacred Dance
  • The Meridians of Peace
  • The Meridians of Season
  • Moon Dancer
  • Fat Her, Father: Dot Her, Daughter
  • Total Numerical Hexagrams

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

  • Six Realms of Destiny - Pi
    (The Codes of 'I' - Part 5)
  • The Quotients
    (The Numerical Function of 'I' - Part 3)
  • The Cycles of Time
    (The Codes of 'I' - Part 6)
  • The Meridians of Peace
    (The Modes of 'I' -Part 2)
  • The Meridians of Season
    (The Modes of 'I' -Part 6)
  • Total Numerical Hexagrams
    (The Numerical Value of 'I' - Part 4)

Excerpt from article: Peaceful Know-How, Seasonal Lock-Out
There here are no other hexagrams that have achieved such a cosmic and energetic balance than the 11th and 12th of Peaceful Know-how and Seasonal Lock-out. These two hexagrams symbolize the cosmic marriage where each empowers, at either end, that of the Spring Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox.

During the spring season,the solid seeds grow out of dark soil,and the coming warmth of the Sun allows the gentle rain to pour out of God ’s hands -- the winds. As the rain falls through His fingers - symbolized by the glassy leaves, it sinks into the soil and thrusts up again inside solid roots and trunks. The Tree of Life thus amplifies the great harmony, where the thundering thrust of seeds and gentle showering of rain reach their confessed amity and concord. The rain and open space of the feminine trigram above provides a peaceful environment for the solid masculine trigram below to grow and become prosperous.Without such an external, spatial, and peaceful environment,the seed would become suffocated -- raging beneath the solid, rock-like crust with no ability to thrust.

9th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 10
Fall 2005:
Exodus / Dun

Hexagram 33

Table of Contents
  • The Invisible Holy Fire
  • Exodus
  • Virtuous Stances
  • Holy Barren
  • The Gypsy In Me
  • The Triple Cross of the Ascending Hall Bagua
  • Natal Destiny - Dun
  • Lord
  • My Exodus From Immaturity
  • Lost in Darkness ...
  • Linguistic Dun
  • Descent From the Mountain
  • Ascending Matrixes
Taoist Inner Alchemy Color Charts and Illustrations
  • Virtuous Stance - A
  • Virtuous Stance - B
  • The Star of Meridians
  • The Triple Cross of the Ascending Hall Bagua
  • The 120 Year Cycle of Natal Destiny - Dun
  • Mountainous Transmission Pyramid A
  • Mountainous Transmission Pyramid B
Excerpt from article: Linguistic Image Dun / Exodus:
Opposed to the Lin/Approach Hexagram, Earth over Lake, the Dun/Exodus Hexagram is about being still, seeking retreat and exercising restraint. With the Mountain trigram serving as the foundation, a Type B personality with a strong lower body, especially the feet and shins, mobile thighs, and an open heart and wisdom mind, are the vibratory textures of this hexagram. Those who are born under the influence of Dun are granted with the gifts of mind and hands. The reproductive system, though strong, is subject to the influence or control by either the immune or endocrine systems. The destiny is underorbiting feet, upon inner solidarity, and through hand expression. The fortune of wheels is within the power of grounding from the thighs down, operating through the inner and psychic powers.

Running, escaping, and rejecting from each and all, in or out, only invite internally inflicted and externally posed disasters. Any external planning, scheduling and engaging must meet first with inner prayer, call, and wishes. If one can survive and live peacefully and successfully for the first 30 years of life, fortune will return. This comes not through a strenuous external grasp of nailing upon intentional desires and wishful expectations but upon internal refinement, as the fortune line is wheeled inside the opening gut and displayed upon the palm's magic touch.

10th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 11
Winter 2005:
Dawn / Gou
Hexagram 10



Table of Contents

  • One Day It D®awned On Me
  • The Prophet in the Temple
  • My Journey of Meeting Life
  • Worm, I Am In the Womb
  • A Pure Antenna
  • Verging Pairs of External Wheels
  • When the Goddess of Death Smiles
  • Road Less Traveled
  • The History of Jesus and Its Affects on Mankind
  • Mining, Minding Wind
  • Staying the Path

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from the article: Road Less Traveled
Roads are many and endless. And the lifespan of traveling requires no travel at all in the end. The road is upon the rose, which is wiser than white rice and nicer than any colorization.

To say which is easier, to live or die, is a matter of choice of no chores; only carols are fueled, and charges are turned on or off. Who is to say which road should be chosen: by sea where only water sees, by land where only dusty wind lands, or by air where only the sky is fair? So who signs these roads anyway: day or night, wind or air, water or sea, leaping point or relaxing peak, dream or wish, hope or plan, decision or choice, move or withdraw, turn or return? Are these questions to be asked or balancing points to be made?

A third is useful, the means is even, and silence is neutral; the third time's a charm. Three strikes and you're out, for better or worse. To be the first is light, time, and target. Second is the choice of the worm, the charge
of the womb, the change of flesh, the dust of light and the dust in the water, and the throat of two ends. The third, with luck, is spirit through fate and upon miracle.

Dear road,where is your beginning map and ending point? Asking the sea, the ocean evens all. Pounding on land, history equals. Eying towards the sky, clouds are the moving changes, and stars are the altering points.

11th Printed Issue

Volume 1, Issue 12
Spring 2006:
Light / Qian
Hexagram 1



Table of Contents

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations


Excerpt from article: Linguistic Image - Qian / Light
Distant light equals a dry thought, heart- absent word, and love-denied theory. Thought is taught by light, the word is the sword tip fired up as heat, and the theory is the oval, oral image of ethereal cold. Through the cross of the Universe, the Sun crosses the sky and enters the landing water to fire up water molecules, as fermented seeds sprout and grow with green leaves, blossoming flowers, and rich, water-containing fruits.

Without the cross, there would not be the light or darkness of day, the seasonal cold or hot climate, or the damp or dry weather motions. Through this cross, light shines down, and water rises up to form the vertical power of Heaven and Earth. Through this cross, sunrise and the morning tide moves westward as moonrise and the evening tide invite the solar wind and planetary spheres to complete the horizontal beam of day and night, birth and death, completion and continuation. Coming to life from a fetus and umbilical cord, or crossing to death from contracted destiny and free will, the dual power of Qian ensures us of light and thought, action and power. When a day is fully experienced, a year is rounded and completed as well. When an idea is tested, the thought will be tested out by a practical as well as theoretical mechanism.

12th Printed Issue
Volume 1, Issue 1
2006 Summer:

Hexagram 2



Table of Contents

Taoist Inner Alchemy
Color Charts and Illustrations

Excerpt from the article: The Milk Load Upon the Silk Road
Before you can expect someone to understand you, you must figure out the place and its angled position on which you stand. Aligned assignment promotes understanding,while misalignment and disconfirmation invite disaster or death. This is called knowing yourself between your landing position and planned opposition. The landing position is your God-given right, while the planned opposition watches your walk, deciphers your talk, witnesses your action, and denies your reaction. When you know you are the living boss commanding the invisible loss, you can embrace the planned opposition because you are able to direct your anger towards God's projected angles and rejected angels.

Now your anger is no longer yours. It is the power that connects each and every conscious point, the flour relating to all muscular and organic joints, and the vow releasing all the known into nowhere by claiming all on loan as the soul sold alone. This anger is the imitation of thunder, always ready to shed off the old and invite the new. This anger is the divine expression of self without knowing how to acknowledge the self. This anger is the disruption that occurred before the corruption occupied. It is the power fired up before the force would reinforce, divorce, or discourse. This anger is the combination of an angel's wing swinging inside light's point and its angle where space is love, and love is grace.

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