Excerpt from Step 7: Self plus Family plus Water

Why this Water-Qi-Pill?

This Taoist method of practice is a process of regaining and controlling the manifest or the out-flowing of the essence in the body. It cannot be equated with an absence of sexual practice, or desexualization.

This essence has existed since before the formation of the physical body, and continues its existence through the physical body, the mind, and the earth itself. Since the mind is powerful enough to fight against the earthly-gravitational force, the soul can become a heavenly sage. Otherwise, the soul will become a ghost, or at most -- an earthly sage.

Reproducing for most adults is a way to ensure the continuity of one's life. Smelting a life-pill is the ultimate achievement for know-the-practice Taoists. This life-pill is the baby of one's own. It has neither spiritual nor physical make-up. It is the Pure Self of selves, a unfied being of matter and form. Its matter is beyond any physiological transformation, and its form is above the spiritual manifestation. It is the essence of life, although it lacks any visible form to represent the image of life. Most importantly, this baby has no gender identification. It is neigher male nor female even though it has potential to manifest in either directions, just as a baby who survives no longer than six weeks in its mother's womb. An individual, whther a religious or lay person, who achieves this highest level will undoubtedly live beyond the cycle of life and death. It enables her / him to attain an eternal and immortal life matching the age of heaven and earth.

In the Bible, the concept of being born again and returning back to new life -- the origin of life and not the repetition of life -- is identical to that of Taoism. "You must be born again." (John 3:7) and "Whoseover therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." (Matt 18:4). This passage carries the identical message as described in the Tao Te Ching.

Laoist's version is "Gathering in vitality and making supple, can't you be an infant." (12:1) And "Sages always smile like a child." (49:4) Whether one is a born-again Christian or an enlightened Buddhist monk or a Taoist sage, it matters not. The diferences are but institutional formations.

When a Taoist is unable to achieve this goal, then his/her purpose in being a Taoist would be on the second level where one could help building temples, recite Taoist tenets, and life a life that benefits society. These activities accumulate the virtues that generate a future successful life for the practitioner. At the third or lowest level, one could preform as a service person in the temple. This can ensure a relatively happy life at the onset of a new life. Lao Zi defines these three types of individuals as: "When the superior persons hear of Tao, they practice it faithfully. When average persons hear of Tao, it seems they practice and it seems they do not. When inferior persons hear of Tao, they ridcule it." (40:1)

Truthful and devotional activation is achieved by a superior person, one who has accomplished such activation and is one with the Tao -- living beyond the danger of death and being born again soulfully. The quintessence of such activation is "taking my substance from the mother nature" (20:8); and "acting within the good timing." (8:3) This substance in Taoist terminology is "the one-Qi before heaven and earth" -- the vital force that generates all activites and activations of all matters in the universe. Similar concepts would be theory of eternal flux by "Greek Taoist" Hearclitus, shalti or spirit nergy, Kundalini or serpent power.

This unnamed and unnameable Great or Great Void, Primary, or the Unfathomable, is the inexhaustible bellow that pushes and pulls the running fluid to all that exists in the universe. From such, the spirit and body of a human being are formed; charged by such, the essence and vitality are transformed. When this heavenly such is reduced, the spirit is vaporized; when this earthly such is limited, the body sickens, when this primary such is exhausted, the life has completed its journey.

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