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About Mountain SKYLIGHT
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I subscribe to Mountain SKYLIGHT?

A. Taoist Inner Alchemy cannot be studied or discussed without the I Ching and vice versa-- even though both of these 'named' subjects are commonly presented to the world as independent, separate teachings, wrapped in different colored garments.

The I Ching is far more than a fortune-telling device. It is much more than throwing yarrow sticks, calculating broken and unbroken lines, looking up hexagram forms, and reading definitions to explain to one's self what is already known inside, esoterically. Sadly, in Western cultures, exoteric divination is commonly thought to be the primary use of the I Ching -- a mis-conception that, most often, twists a sacred study of God's design and plan into a party-trick, an entertainment, or a glamourous fascination.

Each issue of Mountain SKYLIGHT is devoted to experiencing living hexagrams (one per issue) as the doors (gates or portals) of life's eternal circulation -- in the very same way meridians are addressed in Internal Alchemy. For this reason, content presented is both exoteric and esoteric, mundane and lofty, visible and invisible, profane and sacred, earthly and heavenly.

The skeletal bones of Moutain SKYLIGHT are these regularly appearing sections:

Linguistic Image - the communication bridge of East and West, discusses the Chinese ideogram for each hexagram, translation into English, and placement in the context of human culture. It is the sound of I Ching.

Natal Image - the personality bridge of East and West, discusses inherited patterns and traits, places the hexagram in the context of individual life. It is the place of I Ching, as regards to earthly humanity.

Cycle of Natal Destiny -- the soul bridge of East and West, charts the hexagram's transmigration across time through a series of energetic gates. It is the movement of I Ching, as regards to solar or heavenly life.

Numeric content -- metaphoric spiritual bridge of East and West, the re-membering awareness touching upon cosmic life and purpose. It is the suchness of I Ching, expressed through geometry.

Topical Articles -- publication contributors express their experience.

Q. How do I receive a copy?

A. Issues produced from 2003 Fall thru 2006 Summer are freely available for download in their original pdf file format. (Adobe reader required).

2006 Fall and thereafter are published online in two HTML versions -- a limited public edition and a full-access version for subscribers only.

Q. How many issues will I receive if I subscribe?

A. Mountain SKYLIGHT's subscriber-only "Dear I Ching" section is updated regularly with new articles from contributors as they are received.

The "formal" Journal is published at the Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice over the seasons of 16 consecutive years. (4 issues per seasonal year)

Q. Is anything else included with my subscription?

A. Yes. As a subscriber, you can also be subscribed to our Mountain SKYLIGHT discussion forum (valid e-mail address required). This is a gathering place for journal subscribers and various journal contributors whose articles you may have read.

A bonus for subscribers is a quarterly online West-to-East Workshop -- the purpose of which is to bridge Christianity to Taoism and Buddhism in a way that is simple and understandable to western-minded people.

Q. Okay, you've sold me. How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

A. Subscriptions are $30.00 per quarter (USD) - with automatic renewal. Once you subscribe, you will have immediate access to our entire archive, which includes the current and all previous issues, and all subscriber-only services

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Q. I'm looking for information on a specific hexagram that isn't in the published journal list. Can you help me?

A. If you are a subscriber, the best way to inquire about a specific hexagram is through the Mountain SKYLIGHT discussion forum. Or send an inquiry to Master Huang: info - Ascending Hall.

Q. I'm very interested, but feel like I've stepped into a movie that is already in progress. How can I catch up?

A. Back track to our Reference Guide which identifies instructive articles that explain terms, models, and presentation formats used in subsequent issues. Issues should be read in their order of publication as each new issue stands upon what went before.

Q. I don't see any links to the discussion forum. How can I join?

A. You will receive a welcome email within a few days after you've subscribed. It will contain links and other information about Ascending Hall's services to subscribers.

Q. I'm not able to continue my subscription. How do I cancel it?

A. Click here to cancel your subscription. Before you go, please accept our grateful thanks for supporting our work. We invite you to subscribe again, at any time.

Q. I'm not interested in the I Ching, but I'd like to receive information about what's new on your website. Is that possible?

A. Yes. Jadewinds and Mountain SKYLIGHT produce a free quarterly newsletter. Visit our Bookshop to sign up.