Subscribers' Reference Guide to Mountain SKYLIGHT Archives
Note: Journals should be read in the order of their publication as each new issue rests upon the body of previously given content.
Necessarily instructive articles and charts are highlighted below.

Publication Order
Article or Chart Title
Reference Guide
1 2 24 Fu Return 2003 Fall Fu - Return Discusses Hexagram 24
            The Pyramid of 'I'  
The Returning Seventh Power Foundational article for subsequent
Linguistic Image column
The Four Returns of 'I' Introductory discussion about human, planetary and solar return to spiritual origin. (See: Earthly House Chart)
2 3 19 Lin Approach 2003 Winter Lin - Approach Discusses Hexagram 19
Natal Sign of Lin Foundational article for subsequent Natal column.
(See Natal Approach Dec. 1 - 6 for representation of line arrangements as signals of balances and imbalances between the lines or inner self and outer world.
How to Approach the
Tao of 'I'
Introductory discussion to the I Ching (also called the Tao of 'I'), includes terms and charting models used in subsequent issues.
            Carrying the Eye Message Linguistic Image
Natal: Approach
Dec 1 - 6
Explains the line-by-line model used for subsequent Natal columns.
3 4 11 Tai Peaceful
2004 Spring Peaceful Know-how Discusses Hexagram 11
Natal: Tai
Jan 1 - 6
The Numerical Function of 'I'
120 Year Cycle of Chinese Calendar

Terms, Roman numerals, Arabic numbers used in future articles to construct the sixty year cycle of the Chinese calendar, and the I Ching’s astrological mapping and divination practice.

Showering Tai Linguistic Image
4 5 34 Da Zhaung Tempered Strength 2004 Summer Tempered Strength Discusses Hexagram 34
Linguistic Image:
Da Zhaung
Natal: Da Zhaung
Feb. 1 - 6
            Sundial Solar I Ching
Da Zhaung
Strategies necessary to translate hexagram lines, solid or broken, into their corresponding numerical values and thereby analyze and interpret them.
5 6 43 Guai Skylake 2004 Fall Guai Discusses Hexagram 43
            Linguistic Image: Guai  
Skylake Natal
Mar. 1 - 6
Moondial Lunar I Ching (See Sundial)
            Change is Virtuous Discusses and charts changing hexagram lines
6 7 23 Bo Fruition 2004 Winter Fruition Discusses Hexagram 23
Fruition Natal
Sept 1 - 6
Linguistic Image: Bo
7 8 20 Guan Temple 2005 Spring Yellow Stone Temple Discusses Hexagram 20
Linguistic Image: Guan
            6 Realms of Destiny - Guan Foundational chart for future 120 Year Cycle of Destiny for each hexagram - soul transmigration in duality.
Temple Natal
Aug 1 - 6
After Fruition Discusses and charts the Earthly I Ching order
8 9 12 Pi Seasonal
2005 Summer Peaceful Know-how,
Seasonal Lock-out
Discusses Hexagram 12
Seasonal Lock-out Natal July 1 - 6
Linguistic Image: Pi
            The Quotients Discusses and charts I Ching trigrams, displays the model used in subsequent issues. (See: Numerical Functioning of 'I')
            Moon Dancer Discusses I Ching as living life-dance between heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female -- the bridge to Taoist Inner Alchemy.
            Total Numerical Hexagrams Codifies the numeric evaluation model used in subsequent issues.
            6 Realms of Destiny - Pi  
9 10 33 Dun Exodus 2005 Fall Exodus Discusses Hexagram 33
Holy Barren Discusses living hexagrams as reflected in meridian (qi or chi) systems
The Triple Cross of the Ascending Hall Bagua Discusses and charts the model used in subsequent issues for I Ching’s numerical calculations ( 12 earthly branches) that are plugged into the six lines of each hexagram for the purpose of transferring binary codes into decimal ones.
(See Numerical: Da Zhuang)
Exodus Natal
June 1 - 6
Linguistic Image: Dun
10 11 10 Gou Dawn 2005 Winter The Road Less Traveled Discusses Hexagram 10
Dawn Natal
May 1 - 6
Linguistic Image: Gou
11 12 1 Qian Light 2006 Spring Light The Father Discusses Hexagram 1
Linguistic Image: Qian
Light Natal
April 1 - 6
Earthdial (Part 1) Earthly I Ching article
12 1 2 Kun Love 2006 Summer The Milk Load Upon the Silk Road Discusses and charts Hexagram 2 as living meridian system - fusion of I Ching and Taoist Inner Alchemy practice.
            Linguistic Image: Kun  
            Love Natal
Oct. 1 - 6
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13 8 Bi Firmament 2006 Fall Firmament Discusses Hexagram 8
Firmament Natal
April 13 - 18
Linguistic Image: Bi
Earthdial (Part 2) Earthly I Ching Part 2 (article)
14 50 Ding Caldron 2006 Winter Wok Does The Work Discusses Hexagram 50, in general
          Linguistic Image: Ding  
Caldron Natal
December 7- 12
15 59 Huan Oracle 2007 Spring Readings Discusses Hexagram 59, in general
          Moondial Analysis Charts transmigration through the houses.
          Linguistic Image:
Huan - Oracle
          Natal Oracle
February 7 -12
          How To Interprete
Natal Oracle
Charts the Elements of Natal Image
16 6 Song Fare 2007
How Does Waterish Affair Host Heavenly Fare Discusses Hexagram 59, in general
Linguistic Image:
Song - Fare
Commentary on Fare Discusses Linguistic Image bridge
Natal Fare
September 7 - 12
17 53 Jian Inertia 2007 Fall Honey Discusses Hexagram 53, in general
Linguistic Image:
Jian - Inertia
Natal Jian
January 19 - 24
18 35 Jin Ecliptic 2007 Winter What Hides Behind the Earth Grid Discusses the progressive change and random change as the interplay of spirit and soul as seen in 6 hexagram lines. Includes chart.
          Linguistic Image:
Jin - Ecliptic
Discusses Hexagram 35, in general and Linguistic Image
Natal Jin
September 13 - 18
Mapping the Changes Chart for Mountainous Pyramid Changes
19 13 Tong Ren Genic 2008 Spring