"Since his days are determined,
The number of his months is with you."

Job 14:5

Your Initiation Into the Tao
excerpted From Chapter 1:
Your Knock On The Sacred Gate

Welcome! As you are well into wellness, you will be welcomed to the gate -- your initiation into the Tao, your way all the way into God's way. There is a will that wheels the way. Your will takes you through your free will into nature's wheel, where you are inside the wheels of the creative way, your fortunate way.

Before this happens, the gate hosting you is no ordinary gateway -- easily accessible, opening on personal demand, or closing on behalf of cultural commands. Neither is it a tollgate allowing one to enter from one geographical location to another nor an opportunity to promote gains or exalt positions. This gate reflects the purified conscious state of your own health, affairs, and aroused abilities. It represents your divine love upon your faithful devotion, where your vulnerable position situated between yuor destiny and free will should be freed. Your free will is your slave-wheel into God's way.

A grand cosmic eye, the gatekeeper, scans you as you stand before this gate, thought after thought and cell by cell with its dual lenses -- the pure light shining above and the harmonic heart singing within. With this light, everything is seen as it is. Free of desire, the heart opens the gate of love to receive pure light. Being a faithful seeker, you operate the gate of life in proximity to the gate of birth and death. The diligent lover rests beside the gate of wisdom and sleeps within the gate of illness. The master of the will rises into the gate of light through the gate of fear. The peacemaker rests beside the gate of silence by embracing the gate of grace.

The scanning eye becomes the inner light to command the gates of your spiritual attitude and conscious intention. When you open the gates of the Tree of Life locked with dark forces around the wheels, you will digest the Tree of Knowledge with your lifeline and light time. Your conscious nature, with no attachments to self or others, dances freely with the dual gates of yin* and yang**, light and dark, good and evil, spirit and love. The gate of the Tao initiates and arouses the son within you, the primordial Yang Qi. This gate displays discipline, discloses secrecy, professes quality, demonstrates character, and seals the heart into the Tao. Once entering the opposite side, the gate of Te, the gift of virtue, presents your authentic cells, explains your wordless sell, displays your steadfast self, and retains your vulnerable trance. The more closely you embrace the Tao of inner love at its origin, the more virtuous and expansive your actions will become. When your inner love and its expression are synonymous, you are then one with the Tao, one inside the love, and one in all.

Knowing what is happening on both sides of the gate, all you can present is the passport of your personal history that has been forged over time by your established personal habits and conditioned instantly by collective and social behaviours. To enter this sacred gate, you must be de-forged and de-conditioned by clearing your path, paying your debt, purifying your body, and distilling your mind. You must smooth your habits with presence and light, detach like the wind and air from collective behaviours, decode like water and love your instinctive and habitual memory wires, demote your ego into an abandoned base and unappreciated place, distill your rock-like spirit with the mountain and sky, simmer your readily ignitable fire with caution and ease, and love the temple of your body and mind like the divine mother does all entitled children and neglected orphans. The course of life and the tests of its journey enable you to present your honed and talented gifts -- your already pre-qualified passport -- as you seek, knock, and ask. The necessary trial of this fearless march is the message revealed upon hearing the Tao: loosening the other world by gaining the eternal kingdom.

In Taoism we see our bodies as sacred gates, possessing within all we need -- the essential goodness created by Heaven and the essential job inherited from our parents. These body-vessels are but demanding organisms and hidden mechanisms. Being the conduit of the Tao, our bodies are organisms, and our minds are mechanisms. Within the organic body, empty cells flow with biochemical nutrients as each organ demonstrates its emotional character through seven sensory gates and numerous pressure points. The seven sensory gates dutifully perform with nine hidden, cosmic gates. Hundreds of pressure points open the organic operation and close the mechanical transmission. Within the mechanical mind, conscious flow is the function of the spiritual gate, color is the visionary gate, sound is the vibrating gate, mental structure is the realistic gate, and light is the cosmic gate. The lightest of these springs through the closing gate, as the heavier blocks the opening gate. These opening and closing gates are the work of water and fire, the transition of yin* and yang**, the dance of spirit and ghost.

The gate is, therefore, an inherited blood line, a family secret, national pride, an ethnic boundary, a cultural attitude, a universal matter, a cosmic window, and a spiritual mirror. This is the gate of the Tao. Continue to seek entrance with love and tenacity, and you will be permanently aroused.

* Yin - dark, passive, female, cold, wet, the opposite of yang.
** Yang - Light, active, make, warm, dry, the opposite of yin.

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