"How long will you torment my soul,
And break me in pieces with words?
These ten times you have reproached me;
You are not ashamed that you have wronged me."

Job 19:2-3

Your Pilgrimage to Nehemiah

excerpt from Chapter 2:
Your Temple: The Ten Gates in Nehemiah

Historically, the gates mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah are referred to as geographical gateways (entrances/exits) around the walls of Jerusalem. Because of its numerous relocations and reconstructions, it is difficult to have a fresh and reliable map of the walls and gates of Jerusalem. Since most of the existing illustrations are tentative or arbitrary, it is not wise to rely on any of them. But of certain things we can be sure:

A) The oldest wall was not built in Jerusalem but was veiled in the PureLand* of the human heart. The peace in Jerusalem lies rightly, permanently, and eternally in each and every place of our hearts and souls long before the idea and desire of constructing clay or stone walls, such as the walls in Jerusalem or the Great Wall of China. Our willpower is the oldest wall of all, and our physical body is fashioned with natural gates within. Artificial doors and gates built into walls can define national and ethnic boundaries but cannot fence or prohibit spirits and their conscious powers from visiting both sides.

Architectural gates can enhance politics and promote economic benefits but cannot defend against the conscious love of caring and giving. Naturally, a gate cannot remain closed in the presence of light and water, wind and air; a wall can serve no purpose when the mind is clean, the heart is pure, and the spirit is light. As consciousness connects, love flows, and faith permeates all; no wall is needed and no damage can be done. Tragically, no man-made gates are deadlier than our physical gates, and no physical walls are more devastating than conscious barriers.

B) The ten gates in chapter three of Nehemiah must be considered as the ten sacred gates within your body/mind waiting to be opened by the devotional key of love, the sacrificial key of flesh, and the sacramental key of soul. Among the ten holy gates, the Sheep Gate is the key of love, the Horse Gate is the key of sacrifice, and the Miphkad Gate is the key of the sacramental.

C) The division of the ten gates is the exact order of your preheaven life, where your fetus is upside down, and its nine tail and sacral bones are charged by the single life channel, the Old Gate.

D) Then gates are described in the third chapter of Nehemiah with several others added in later chapters, e.g. the Gate of Ephraim and the Gate of the Prison (Nehemiah 12:39). These two extra gates are the shadow of the Miphkad Gate, a combination of creation and destruction. Having its primary location in the brain, the Miphkad (Mustard) Gate is the faith, power, and master key of life, which is charged by the power of circulation of the tailbone. The judgemental action of these gates is based on the deeds done by the Valley and Refuse Gates, which answer the visiting sites paid by Nehemiah. If one could reach the Gate of Ephraim through the East Gate, one would be content, complete, in atonement and ordained, away from the punishment of the Prison Gate and Ephraim's rulings.

E) The names of these ten gates gave birth to the theoretical ten-sphere concept of the Kabbala, the only difference being that in the Kabbala rational names are used to replace physical, geographical names.

F) The faithful devotion of Nehemiah in rebuilding the broken wall and burned gates does not finalize their reconstruction but ensures the elevation of the human spirit from the dusted body. The wall surrounding Jerusalem lying in waste speaks of the debris of bodily dust. Its gates being burned with the fire is in reference to the bio-physical openings in the body/mind being burned by the fire of masculine passion and clustered by the blood of feminine lust. Walls cannot fence human wishes and efforts. Gates cannot truly secure the body and possessions, as they are composed only of manipulated consciousness, defensive power. The wall can be rebuilt by conscious willpower, and the gates can be repaired by reopening the sacred lockages.

*PureLand - Paradise, Heaven, Land of Bliss, equivalent to the attainment of nirvana.

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