"Those in the west are astonished by His day
And those in the east are frightened."

Job 18:20

Your Key to the Secret Golden Dome

excerpted from Chapter 3:
Apple and Its Elemental Chambers

In order to construct a fruitful dialogue between Christians and Taoists, the position of each must be stressed clearly. Otherwise, no bridge can be built, and no results can be achieved. Initially, sin occurred in the Garden by the apple tree. Harmony can be achieved between ming (body) and xin (character), which is the character of yin and yang and the unity of the five elements. Under the apple tree, spiritual longing becomes physical attraction, spiritual arousal turns into sexual lust, and spiritual union is supplanted by sexual obsession. This occurs as spring is fired by summer, the liver is cooked by passion and rage, conscious awareness is tormented by the passion of love, and willful longing is buried beneath useless sacrifice. The seed is in the bottom of the trunk; the flower is in bloom; the union is in between; and self-control emerges as self-indulgence.

The possible fourteen seeds contained in the five chambers within the apple are exposed or eaten. The mystic union between self and God is broken; innocence is replaced by curiosity; and the freedom of being with the presence is altered by the passions of searching and reality of controlling. Through obsessive hunger, self-preservation, and self-indulgence, experiential knowledge accumulates into secular, cultural, and institutional practices. The third eye is blocked; the mind hungers; the throat thirsts. Personal planning and projecting replace spiritual insight and going with the flow. Nomadic living becomes a residential habit. A life of enjoying the fruit of the Garden is forever replaced by culinary art. Drinking and sucking the juice from the fruit is restrained by growing flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and seeds. Herbs for healing organs are used to season food for cooking. Seeds are eaten, digested, and recycled, again and again; each time the seed is thrusted further away from its original authenticity to the extent that manufactured products have replaced and control natural products.

Yet, the seed of the self is not reborn into the pure spiritual dimension. Only the fragmented pieces of God's corrupted words remain, something the mind with endless mental confimations that continuously circulate in society. The fire burns; the water boils; the body steams; and the spirit vanishes. Lust replaces union, and sin replaces love.

As a consequence, autumn is nearly spent, the sky is high, and spirit is in the wilderness. Where, then, is home? Love vanishes; the soul is crunched; and the self is abandoned. Fear of losing the self becomes reality; the worlds of biblical law speak to all for the fear of falling, disappearing, dying, and not returning. Hatred evolving from grinding, penetrating, and pouring is standing rigidly and veraciously blocking love, destroying the precious seed that cries with the madness of self-betrayal, the loss of self-empowerment. The body awaits the intrustion of the analytical knife; the heart is the target of a projected arrow; and the soul is the tomb of hopeless self-corruption.

Words overtake images, and numbers calculate eternity. The conscious mind takes control of the conscientious soul; the analytical mind obliterates intuitive feeling; and intellectual inspiration stifles psychic awareness. The law is ethnically interpreted; the death date is mercilessly carved in stone; and the self is falsely protected. The meditative heart is demeaned by a speculative mind; the oceanic gut is charged by the deadly sword of the tongue; duality replaces the apple in the garden. Yes and no swarm in indecisive verbal confrontation as they echo in the dreamless distance. Obeying the law while fighting for freedom balances the extremes, pleases the ego, betrays God, sacrifices the truth, and neutralizes the polarity.

Therein, sin arises from lust, manifests as fear, and follows the inexorable path of self-destruction. If unconditional love is there, how can sin begin? If only God's willpower exists, how can fear have become reality? If the spirit is truly at home, then who should be punished?

What then are goodness, virtue, righteousness, and justice? When the mind is aware of essential goodness, all is good. When the heart generates pure love, all action is virtuous. When the spirit dominates, everything under the heavens produces right action pleasing to God. When God's will is the source of justice, no sacrifice is required, and the soaring spirit returns to its home in the heavens.

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