"In the well-valley out shoots a fish,
Causing the jar to be broken with water leaking."

I Ching Hexagram 48, Line 2

Your Dig Into the Valley Gate

excerpted rom Chapter 4:
Your Welled Sickness

Sickness is an evolutionary process resulting from the poor condition of love: that of incomplete ejaculation or execution from man and poor arousal or awakening from woman. It is where the unconditional, eternal love is pushed into sensational and conditional waves in the presence of the fear of losing control and the rage at the inability to control. Beginning from conception and throughout your lifespan, sickness activates the stages of growth, and each situation is a matter of life and death. As sickness occurs, mystic biological growth constantly expands into a more complicated social adjustment. Seasonal change diverges into customized habitation, and linear confirmation of the rational mind directs the biological system of growth and change. Growth is both natural and social, while change is both evolutionary and mandatory. Between growth and change, sickness travels back and forth creating upheaval and problems without end. In most situations, sickness can be precisely defined as social expectation and cultural confirmation. As a result, sickness is not only an imbalance in the body/mind but largely the destruction of a harmonic environment into a never-ending competitive society.

Thus, sickness is regarded as private and public, personal and social, and individual and collective. It is one of the most private things we contend with in life, but we cannot identify its invisible source with our eyes of flesh or viable senses. Sickness travels from cell to cell, leaping from organ to organ, spreading from person to person and marching from culture to culture. This epidemic phenomenon is defined socially as a plague. Whether it is an act of God or evil, a virus attack or temporary imbalance, a plague harms the normal existence of an entire community, ranging from intra-psychological phobia to pernicious social disorder.

Strangely enough, both sickness and healing start from nowhere but manifest all over. Even before you can protect yourself, sickness is already in. After you have made friends with it, it is yours to identify with or reject. Bypassing all your prevention techniques, sickness is smarter than you think, and its intelligence is equal to your entire life-combined intelligibilities. Even before you can pay for it, sickness is dearer than parental love or a secured dove. After you have paid for it, sickness denies you like a useless friend or meaningless meal, or it hopes to continue its friendship with you, finding a new angle to delight you with. To have sickness is both a blessing and a curse, and to achieve optimum health requires a dreamful mind-set and sensitive, innermost (innocent) wish. Who can be healthy when each has his or her unsolvable problems and indefinable mysteries?
Who can heal sickness when the living must die, the heart must be dried, and the head must be fried? Whose healing technique is more effective than intimacy, more efficient than tolerance, more powerful than bliss, more useful than understanding, or more practical than tender caring?

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