"It is He Who hath created for you
All things that are on earth:
Then he returned to heaven
And made them into seven firmaments."

The Holy Qur'an 2:29

"Have you given the horse strength?
Have you clothed his neck with thunder?"

Job 39:19

"When there is Tao in the world,
work horses are used to fertilize the land.
Tao in the world,
the war horse flourishes in the countryside
Tao Te Ching 46:1

Tenderizing the Horse

excerpted from Chapter 7:
Meditation Practice: Session Seventeen

Lovesickness is the most valuable state for transformation: a condition where the power of love burns the flowing or raging flame in the chest through the thymus gland to the finger tips or any other consciously connected zones in the body/mind. This love burns the flesh to the degree that no amount of selfish love, other than God's corrupted conditions that are inherent, can ever re-establish itself.

As the numbness permeates and nothingness is experienced, spirit is awakened within the muddied flesh to permanently plant the seed of love. Man sees the divine love and grace within his virgin heart, and woman reads the divine light and wisdom within her virtuous mind. No more chains of the love-hate cycle, no more karmic extensions, no energy is ever wasted, and no sacred image (ideal love of an arrow and iconic connection of a boomerang) is projected.

What is sealed inside your heart then is the seed of (your) love with the sacred image of God's/Goddess' creation. This sacred image is the original double helix: time and space, or love and light. This image connects directly to Heaven and the soul of our individual and collective creation -- the bottomless rod. It only circulates within the power of the thymus gland (the soul-heart) where the unification of dancing twin of souls nourishes the virgin boy of the chasing power of God and the virgin girl of loving Goddess. This is the power of the lovesick experience, where the internal fire burns away all negativity, where the fruit of love purifies the sick organism. Love then becomes not a commodity for trade but a gift of life itself. Stemming from this, love becomes the ultimate fuel or life force that guides and directs the ascending soul from the expressive body and understanding mind into its cosmic home. The internal peace, the Christ-like unconditional love is retained.

When you love someone, do not release the love energy immediately but experience the lovesickness inwardly. Visualize the person/image you love as a mirror reflecting your inner self. This person you love is the loving force s/he presents and honey course you toss. Experience fully the journey of these complexities. In between is the journey of lovesickness, where the power of God and the image of Goddess are reflecting all in between. This journey unerringly creates self-love, the power and substance of unconditional love. Being neither naricissistic or autistic, this journey objectifies the self -- the spirit -- as a love object existing between the power dance of God and Goddess. Being liberated from such a journey is liberating yourself and all.

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