"And when eight days were completed for the circumcision of the Child.
His name was called Jesus, the name given by the angel before He was
conceived in the womb.."

Luke 2:21

"Uniting, but no head. Misfortune."
I Ching, Hexagram 8, Line 6

The Yeasting Elixir Inside Your East Gate

Excerpt from from Chapter 8:
Returning From Your Sin

Sin is the origin of corruption, the secret of stinking, the state of rotting, the starting point of disorientation, the result of death upon death. Sin is a way of manipulating the gift, a tasting of God's flavor within one's own cup, a drive forward to the edge of energy depletion, a call away from authentic truth, and an abuse of your intrinsic character. Coming from sin, everything darkens without sight. Through sin, the gates are closed without a seat. Because of sin, fruits are contaminated without seeds. Within sin, love is consciously misused without self. With all S's, in as an inn, whether singing the single or sinking the simple, or thinking without ink, or blinking without pink. So are all there in the seat, inside the seed, and into the self: sighting the site by citing the sign, where the single sings toward simply sinking to sail the sailing sea.

Sin begins in the aroused but unconnected state. It is a state of shock. Due to this shocked arousal, it produces hesitation. Hesitation slows the flow and creates a gap in the grasp of a present tap. Energy becomes condensed. As the energy become more and more condensed, fear arises. Fear further shocks the spirit by freezing the energetic circulation. Fear then is the beginning of the second thought, a creation of sin. Sin beomes, then, a side-view, misinformation, a wrong-doing, a negative becoming, and self-destruction.

Sin curtails God's creative beauty. Sin descends from light-matter and spirit-being to the bottom of the thickened immobility of inorganic matter and organic poison. Sin shames power, misinterprets talent, exterminates energy, suffocates joy, betrays love, and destroys peace. Sin rebukes the word, reduces the scale, rejects the catching-breath, repaints the color, reproaches contrast, resents timely interaction, restrains the preordered state, retires from the manifesting law, retaliates for the precious source, redefines truth, reticulates the flow of meaning, ravages the point of death, reverses the horror of spirit-presence, reverts dust molecules, revolts against the returning voyage, and rewrites the story of revelation.

Sin lives in worms, breathes in darkness, makes friends with viruses, attaches to virtue, battles the conscience, and wars against nature. Sin distances you from God, murders the self, poisons the word, twists action, and sinks everything into the hellish valley. Sin is a thief of teaching, while teaching is what the sea is itching each of her wounded moves, switching each of her rounded turns, and bewitching each witch bitching about her return between the sea-leveled easy isle and tee-squared night upon light. Thus, sin teaches the thief like a thick leaf, thinking of nothing other than revealing the duality of Eve when the nosing line of Y cuts off your aligned eye.


The sin of man is to kill unjustly. In the act of killing, he loses self-control and God's love within. Losing himself leaves him groundless, disconnected, making self-control impossible. Losing self-control is losing the very essence of God's love within, which is the bottomless pit connecting the self as a lightning rod to Heaven and Earth. To become the perpetrator is tantamount to cutting your own throat -- your connection to God's power. Nature executes the killing when the time is right. Wind kills, fire kills, air kills, minerals kill; and water also kills. These are the five theives of the universe. They exist in themselves. Man's command is not to kill but to die from the flesh into the soul lived through the flesh, to transform the ego into a spirit soaring through the sky like an eagle hanging between fresh wind and light.

The sin of woman occurs in receiving without being aroused. To receive without being aroused is to be enslaved by fear. To be enslaved by fear is to allow the spirit and body to be molested and raped without enjoying the power of openenss, the duty of fruitfulness, and the purity of virginity. This state then gives birth to sin, to beasts, to the hellish world, and to dark forces that will accompany and challenge the spiritual force, which is the presence of light. Spiritual force becomes tainted by sin, creating self-suffering conditions. Spiritual virginity becomes barren as spiritual joy is denied. Her body becomes the sin for all. Her fetus contains the sin for all. What an unbearably cruel punishment!


The body is a mystic vessel capable of receiving the power of all things. It conceives the talents of all and produces the beauty of all. This is the journey of womanhood, of motherhood, of union, of self. Return the body to light, before the power of love, in front of the joy of union, within the silent permeation of begetting: begetting with the sleeping eight, begetting one, begetting three.

When trinity regains oneness, one embraces all. There is no possibility for the mind to produce sin. When the sinning energy is transformed, the self is preserved, and the spirit becomes enlightened, turning away from cyclical circulation, materialistic manipulation, and mechanical operation. All is freed because the spirit is free. This is the authentic anatomic physiology and biochemistry of spirituality!

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