"Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour
There was darkness over all the land"

Matthew 24:45

"A nine-story building rises from a clod of earth"
Tao Te Ching 64:3

"Naked I came from my mother's womb.
And naked shall I return there.
The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;
Blessed be the name oft the Lord."

Job 1:21

Your Final Ascension

Excerpt from Chapter 9:
Your Walk Through the Shadow

illustration by Eric RyserIn your own mind, unconsciousness is the greatest, ever-looming shadow. This shadow excites the heart before learning can take place, inspiring the mind, envisioning the direction, calculating the reward. During the process, the shadow acts as a teacher, ruler, watchdog, scapegoat, and master, as well as being the controlling factor. After a short recess, this shadow ties the knots, looks for excuses, searches for victims, and projects all responsibilities on others. Standing on the victor's platform, this shadow waves, screams, and rages. When the storm is over, the shadow sleeps in the dust, slips thrugh the escape hatch, balances the flow, and buries the grievance.

Before you decide that the shadow hinders you, understand when you are engaged, the shadow distracts you. When focused on a given point, it is the shadow that loosens the bow. Releasing the rapt attention, the shadow offers a chaotic view. Under calculated management, the shadow picks the bone of contention. Leaping toward the awakening journey, the shadow welcomes you -- time and again -- at the starting point of your grand march.

When you are making friends, the shadow casts doubts. Walking through the jungle, the shadow leaps ahead. Pushing though a crisis, the shadow adds to pressure. Confronting a bargaining position, the shadow deceives you. Embracing success, the shadow snatches it from your grasp. As you face the sobering truth, the shadow confronts you. When you reach the blissful place of peace, the shadow is there again to disturb you.

Where will this dance with the shadow end for you? Are you a monster or a ghost? Do you stand at the right or left? Are you virtuous or sinful? Can you find your rightful place?


To walk through this shadow is to journey through the gates, to go beyond life, beyond the accumulation of individual and ancestral life. When the body is purified through malnutrition and illness, the shadow becomes diminished. When the souls are once again purified into spirit, the spirit consciousness can no longer think with normal concepts or ghost consciousness. The duality between thinking and dreaming becomes once again the reality of presence.


To purify the body is to purify the spirit trapped within the accumulated sickness from each and every ancestor, beginning with God. When God's word becomes universal consciousness, each substance will speak in its individual tone, each organ will vibrate its unique trumpet, and each spirit will shine with its eternal light. When God created man, limitations were part of the grand design, the ten gates were incompetent, and the twelve tribes could not be united. When man creates mankind, it is the onset of retardation. The limited God-given knowledge become further limited and corrupted. Good becomes evil. The Kingdom of Heaven enjoyed by spirits plunges into the depths of Hell where ghosts and all dark forces cluster.

To walk through the body is to bid farewell to biological repetition and conscious recycling. To do so is to retain the original spiritual condition and to excuse your self from endless reincarnation.

Walking through the shadow is walking through the death penalty without becoming engulfed by the dark force, by controlling your spirit with your own hand. When one staunchly walks forward through the punishment of death, one regains the source of life is praised by the worlds of spirit.

Walking through the shadow is rising above the hosts of crying souls. When spirit says good-bye to the characteristic bones of life, nothing can hold it back. One is finally freed. Two death journeys are covered and recovered. Spirit sustains the light of its original source.

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